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Decoupage Pendant "Tiger" handmade by Marlies Benjamin

Decoupage Pendant "Tiger" handmade by Marlies Benjamin. This is a time consuming craft which is very demanding of patience, precision in cutting, varnishing and sanding. However the most pleasure I derive from this craft is the the design process and the cutting. Designing involves finding the shapes and motifs that suits the shape of the article. I source my motifs from Italian and Japanese wrapping paper which must be very fine as thick paper will demand even more layers of varnish. Once I have cut and placed the motifs onto the painted surface, the varnishing begins. Each single layer must dry in a dust free room with no humidity, then sanded with extremely fine sand paper. This process can be repeated 15 times for jewellery pieces and 120 times for boxes and vessels. The process can take from weeks to months so I manage a timetable for the completion of my pieces. The finished work must be smooth to the touch, flawless and glossy. The finish of all the varnishing and sanding must resemble an enamelled painting.

Size: 60cm diameter; Cord 45cm length

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