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Soft and cuddly mohair knee rug for child handwoven by Vicki Lowery

Mohair & wool knee rug handwoven by Vicki Lowery. ‘Soft’ was the child’s comment as he stroked the soft knee rug tucked around him. The brushed surface makes the lap blanket wonderfully soft and irresistible to touch. Knee rug woven on blue wool background (warp) with green mohair (weft) as the main fibre. This is a small rug, soft and cuddly, just the right size to tuck around a child or toddler, especially when the child is in a car seat for long trips on a cold day. Handwoven from Australian yarns. Mohair is re­nowned for its softness intensity and receptiveness to rich dyes. Both durable and resilient, mo­hair is notable for its high lustre and sheen as can be seen in the opalescence of this yarn.

Size: 76 cm x 58 cm

Care: Handwash only in warm/cool water. Do not tumble dry.

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