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Fine Silver Cloisonné Enamel Pendant "Red Gum" handmade by Laura Haszard - available after 15 February

Fine Silver Cloisonné Enamel Pendant on a sterling silver omega chain handmade by Laura Haszard. This is a vitreous transparent enamel and fine silver pendant inspired by the beauty of the Australian red gum tree. The technique of cloisonné enamelling was used. The champleve silver pendant was made first with the enamel design extended into the silver for design effect. The design was then continued using very thin fine silver wire creating small cells, or cloisonné, into which coloured vitreous enamel was gradually applied. Each layer of the vitreous enamel was fired at 800C for about a minute. There can be 20-30 of these layers until the cells are filled. The whole piece is finally ground back with diamond files to expose the silver wire and then refired and polished. I am a enamellist from Sydney and I primarily use the technique of cloisonné in my work, but I love also to explore and combine other enamel techniques, and I make jewellery and artwork using vitreous enamel on both fine metals and copper. I am inspired by nature and colour with all my work being unique and never repeated.

Size: 22mm x22mm

Care: Polish as required with the soft cleaning cloth provided and store separately from other jewellery when not worn

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