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Sterling Silver and felt Neckpiece “Chaos” by Liz Gemmell

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“Chaos”  Sterling Silver and felt Neckpiece by Liz Gemmell. The sterling silver wire chain was crocheted by hand and creates its own form as the crocheted wire wants to twist and spiral making it impossible to hang in an orderly fashion. To control the multi layers of chain, a silk covering has been hand stitched at the back neck to contain the wires. Hand made white felt discs were then hand stitched onto various parts of the chain. Each time it is worn, the neckpiece can take on different twists and turns. If the chain spirals into a tight circle do not pull to straighten as the fine silver chain may break. Instead untwist the spiral in the chain carefully to straighten and some order will be restored. It is very striking worn against black or a scoop neckline.

Size: Circumference 80cm approx

Care :The felt circles and the black silk cover at the back neck may need washing after some time where they come in contact with skin. Use a mild detergent and gently hand rub the silk and each disc separately, rinse and squeeze each disc and the black silk in a towel to remove excess water and air dry indoors. It will dry very quickly. Keep the neckpiece in the silk bag provided when not wearing to prevent entanglement with other jewellery. 

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