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* Contemporary Bobbin Lace 2 ways and "Next level". 2 days

 2 days

This workshop is for beginners and those who have some experience in Bobbin lace.

Bobbin lace is often described as weaving in any direction. It is set up using thread, yarn, wire etc. wound onto bobbins and worked on a flat “pillow” with pins holding stitches in place until they form a pattern or design. If you are able to place one stick or bobbin over another, you can make bobbin lace!

There is no longer an industry for hand made lace providing decoration for fashion or household items as in the past, but there is a never-ending array of techniques, designs and patterns to use by artists in their creative practice world wide.

For the first day workshop, participants will be shown how to use wire in bobbin lace. Plaiting and simple stitches will be used to create abstract shapes to bend or leave flat. The second day will introduce students to thread and yarn, building on the first day, or beginning with simple stitches. Traditional techniques will be tweaked for contemporary creations.

Material fee $10 is included in the price. 

Instagram: larrikinlace

WHAT TO BRING- Please bring:  paper, pencil, ruler, eraser, scissors for thread and paper strong pins (can have plastic heads)

TUTOR  Vicki Taylor

VENUE 12 Argyle place, Millers Point Sydney 2000

DATE   28th - 29th March

TIME  10.00am - 4.30pm

COST  $300 now $200 with subsidy Including specialised materials.

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