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*Craft Week special. Pins and Beads Necklace with Liz Gemmell 17th October

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Safety pins, masses of them and crystal beads will make this extravagant necklace. The construction is simple as safety pins are added and added to until you achieve your desired amount of OTT effect. It fools the eye of the beholder with its glitter and sparkle and is definitely fun to wear. The skills needed for this project are daring and imagination. All materials provided plus outlets for extra safety pins and beads if this necklace becomes contagious and links to further safety pin jewellery.

TUTOR Liz Gemmell

VENUE 12 Argyle place, Millers Point Sydney 2000

DATE  17th October.

TIME  10am-12pm

COST  $50

What to Bring 

All Equipment and materials provided. 

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