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Cosy Skirt/shirt handmade by Liz Gemmell

Cosy Skirt/shirt designed, hand dyed, hand sewn & hand embroidered by Liz Gemmell. The skirt is made from two men's shirts in a wool/nylon fabric. They were dyed then overdyed using a shibori technique. Inspiration for the embroidery were the images of the COVID-19 virus. The sleeves can be converted into secure pockets with a zip when worn as a skirt. 

Pocket conversion: Pull sleeve to the wrong side and close zip. Attach loop to button at the armhole. Open the zips if wearing as a shirt.

Size:  Up to 90/95 cm waist. Smaller waists can be accommodated using a man’s tie as a belt or a regular belt.

Length from waist to hem 77 cm.

Care:  Hand wash only in wool wash detergent and warm water, not hot. Roll in towel to remove excess water after rinsing and air dry on coat hangers.

May be dry cleaned.

Iron if needed on wrong side of work using moderate heat and steam setting if preferred.

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