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Equine sculpture "Bright White Stripe" by Susanne Fraser

Hand built Clay with Shino Glaze over iron based slip, some carbon trapping. Reduction fired Gas Kiln 

H 28 X L22 x W 16 cms

Over 65 years of involvement with horses has provided Sue Fraser with an innate knowledge of all things equine.  Fraser commenced a studio practice on a rural property in northern NSW in 2010.  She builds solely in clay, making equine sculptures that have layers of meaning embedded in their surfaces.  Her work is strongly influenced by the connection women have with horses, drawing on ideas of power, control, and cultural exchange.

Using found and commercial clay bodies Sue hand builds forms with variations in surface treatments to develop a narrative.  Brushwork, colour, form and glazes develop a decorative language.  The surface is fused with various firing processes to develop individual pieces expressing relationships where fragility and strength are negotiated and the horse figures as the vehicle of expression

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