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Eri Silk scarf hand woven by Vicki Lowery

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Silk scarf, with a background in eri (peace) silk and the pattern in hand dyed silk hand woven by Vicki Lowery. This beautiful scarf uses Eri silk as the background. I was interested in the story behind the making of Eri silk. It is also known as ‘peace silk’ as it is processed without killing the silkworm. The silkworm feeds on castor plants which gives the silk a natural copper red co­lour and results in lustre, strength and softness. As with all silk, it is warm in winter and cool in sum­mer. The pattern on the scarf is made with silk which I dyed; the result in orange/plum tones is a delight to wear in all seasons to complement any outfit.

Size: 27 cm x 173 cm

Care: Handwash in warm/cool water

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