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Floor Rug "Rhythms" hand knitted by Liz Gemmell

Floor Rug "Rhythms" hand knitted by Liz Gemmell. 
The floor rug is hand knitted with Wool and synthetic mix yarn on knitting needles, not on a loom. Yarns used are durable carpet yarns which are a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres. The technique used to create the patterns is the traditional Parallel Stranding used in Fair Isle and European knitted garments. This technique ensures that the knitted stitch is a uniform size for the light and dark colours and creates an even surface texture on the right side of work. 

Size:  1500mm x 930mm

Care:  Give the rug a shake every so often to remove harsh particles caught in the knitted fabric. The rug may be hand washed by placing in a large laundry tub or bath with wool wash detergent. After rinsing, arrange carefully into the washing machine for balance and spin dry. Lay flat onto a clean surface such as cement, tiles or timber, indoor or outdoor and the wool mixture fibres will dry overnight. It may be dry cleaned. 

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