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Grey Log Cabin Scarf by Liz Calnan

The scarf was woven in 2ply classic machine washable wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. It was woven with a pattern called log cabin, which is a plain weave with a set colour pattern. You need to keep careful count of your threads as the colouring is light and dark threads and then 2 of the same colour together.  eg LDLDLD then DLDLDL in both the warping, threading, and weaving.  Where the two threads of the same colour occur, the direction of the lines in the pattern change, eg  from horizontal to vertical. 

The scarf is  machine or hand washable, but put it in a bag to protect the fringes if it is washed in the machine.

Its 190cms long plus fringes, and 22 cm wide. It has good drape, and would contrast well with a dark coat or a brightly coloured coat

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