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Print "Gang Gang Cockatoo" by Yngvar Stroem-Hansen

This limited edition wood engraving print has been created by Sydney artist Yngvar Stroem-Hansen prior to his passing in 2005.

Gang Gang Cockatoo,  68/90 hand coloured

size : 99mm x 124mm

acid free Fabriano paper 600g, Vanfon ink


Wood engraving is a relief printmaking process which dates back centuries to China in AD1108, although, it is normally associated with book illustrations from the Victorian era and prints produced in the 1930's

The engraving is done by hand on en-grain blocks of hard timber, usually boxwood, using special steel pointed tools known as gravers, as well as other fine pointed tools for specific functions. When completed, the wood engraving is then ready for the printing process. His wife Pamela hand water coloured the prints, which is continuing to do today.

It is possibly the least known of the printmaking techniques used today, widely neglected in favour of of less demanding processes. Yngvar's limited edition prints are therefore much sought after and are represented in private collections both in Australia and overseas.



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