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Shibori dyed Shawl hand knitted by Liz Gemmell

Hand knitted red ochre and brown shibori dyed shawl by Liz Gemmell. This thread has a 3 strand core of very fine stainless steel fibres with silk spun over the 3 filaments. ( Yarn 65% pure silk, 35% stainless steel fibre.) The fabric it produces is shape changing. Peaks and points are very easily manipulated wherever you want them and maintain their shape unless pulled into a new form. An easy shape to create is to pull out a point along any or all the edges and twist it firmly to make a tassel like shape. Do this along all edges then squeeze along the central section to get wrinkles or make upstanding peaks.

Size: 215 x 150 cm approximately

Care: Store in the bag provided to keep it safe from pulled threads. As a luxury item be careful with rings, bag fittings, buttons, buckles etc. If a thread does pull, it can be gently coaxed back into the fabric by stretching it gently.

Wash in lukewarm water and wool wash detergent, rinse with final rinse water that has half a cup of plain white vinegar. There is no need to rinse the vinegar out as it will evaporate. Silk responds well to a light acid rinse. When wet the knitted fabric will shrivel which can feel like it's shrinking. This fabric will not shrink. It can be pulled back to size when wet or dry. I recommend the shawl stays in its shrivelled state for drying. Air dry only, not in a dryer.

There is no need to iron or dry clean.

The label has been stitched as required but I recommend there label be removed very carefully as it distracts from the style of the drape.

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