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Silk coat by Yaja Hadrys

A luxurious silk coat with a beautiful sheen which allows the light to reflect when the garment is in motion.
Very light weight makes it a perfect garment to pack for travelling; it will easily fit in your handbag!

The coat was hand dyed with plant dyes and imprinted with heart shaped leaves which I collected around my place in Sydney.
Leaves were wrapped in the cloth and then steamed for about 2hours.
The end result is pure alchemy - my magic collaboration with Mother Nature.
Each design is unique and impossible to reproduce because the results are
always unexpected and this is the most exciting part of this creative process.

Hand rolled hem finish 

Size: one size
Length: 110cm

Materials: 100% Silk

Care: Hand wash in warm water with Wool and delicates solution
Iron if needed

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