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Workshop gift voucher

Would like to give a friend or family member a gift and you're not sure what they would like but you know they like to make things or learn a new craft ?

Why not gift a workshop ! The Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales runs regular workshops at our venue. Purchasing a workshop gift voucher enables your friend or loved one to take part in the workshop of their choice. 

Pricing for workshops ranges from $80 to $200 depending on the workshop type and tutor/materials fees. 

HOW IT WORKS : add the workshop gift voucher to the cart. Select multiples of $ 100 to increase the value of the gift voucher. Go through the checkout process, make sure you leave your contact details so we can email you the voucher and the access code. Once you have gifted the voucher, the recipient can then browse available workshops, select the desired workshop and apply the unique code when going through checkout. Any excess amounts can be converted to store credit.

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