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Heidi Francis Potter

"I have always enjoyed looking through potteries. As a small child living in Germany, I found it just fascinating how anybody could create the most beautiful pieces from a lump of clay. Magic!

The warm colour of Terracotta clay and the bright colours of Pop Art appeal to me so I did some research into Terra Sigillata meaning ‘earth’s seal' which is a colloidal slip and is made from the same clay. I use an airbrush to decorate my work.

At present I use Porcelain clay for throwing on the wheel and Porcelain Paper clay for hand building which is fired in an electric kiln. My decorations are brushed on using Oxides and Underglazes under a midfired glaze.

Opening the kiln after a firing can be heart breaking or  absolutely wonderful, especially if it turns out even better than the test firing. It’s all part of the fun!"  Heidi


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