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Upcoming Exhibition 2021

Handmade with Passion…and celebration of the Lunar New Year
An exhibition of handmade crafts in traditional and contemporary interpretations by The Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales

Please join us!! 


Previous Exhibitions and displays

"Skills Plus" - Not only but Also. 20/3/20 - 10/4/20

Cancelled as we had to close our Gallery space. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment.

 An exhibition showcasing the many combined talents of our members, and also students and tutors from our workshop program. 




"Rat a Tat Tat "- Lunar New Year Exhibition

Jan 25 - Feb 9.

Our Lunar Festival exhibition opening is 2-4pm Sat 25 January with Guqin music and guest exhibitors. Special evening meet the makers 5-7pm Thurs 6 Feb. Celebrating the Year of the Rat. The Asian concept of a rat is a spirited animal having vitality, flexibility, cleverness and the ability to foresee danger, they even look after each other! People born in a Year of the Rat are witty, clever and also industrious.
Featuring guest artists @fandongwang @kanmadeceramics @ursulaburgoyne8 and members of CraftNSW.


"Mediative Lanscapes" by Hyun Mi Lee

7- 12 January 2020

Hyun Mi was born in South Korea and moved to Sydney where she completed her Bachelor and postgraduate degree in visual arts at the University of Sydney. She now lives in both Australia and Germany with her husband Tilmann who is a photographer, performance and light artist. 
The elements and philosophy of Hyun Mi's paintings are transformed and reinvented as objects of desire. The works are individually designed and created to highlight the beauty of the materials, and colour and form.
Choose sensual, hand modelled pieces with bright colours or monochrome designs to collect and wear. All are unique and handcrafted.

Shibori - All Tied Up

A display of Shibori work by 4 of our members. Sylvia Riley, Liz Gemmell, Neelam Singhal and Carolyn Cabena. 



This Is Us - Ceramics exhibition



Sarah, Briget and Caroline are three ceramicists who bonded through clay at TAFENSW Brookvale Campus. We are delighted to host their new exhibition with us at Craft NSW. Their Exhibition, “This Is Us”, showcases their latest works which feature dry glazes, raku firing, high fire glazes and fibres dipped in slip. Sarah is influenced by her travels to the outback, she loves the boab trees and their shapes and texture. She has used raku firing and dry glazes to bring the trees to life. Still working with natural forms, Sarah has created the Genesis series of saggar fired and glazed eggs. Bridget’s female forms come in all shapes and sizes, as in real life. Bridget has also been working on functional ware and developing her glaze combinations. Caroline’s creations stem from her love of yarn, in this series of work Caroline has combined fibres with liquid clay or slip and created vessel like shapes. The forms are knitted or crocheted using natural fibres. They look like a soft yarnie knitted form yet hold their ceramic shape. 

Continuing Excellence - one year on

24th Oct - 17th Nov

24 October - 17 November 2019

It takes 2 to Tango  19 September - 9 October 2019

Paired works by the potters of the Society of Arts and Crafts of New South Wales 

Please join us and our group of 8 potters at the opening of this exhibition on Thursday 19th September from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Craft NSW Gallery, 12 Argyle Place, Miller’s Point Sydney. The exhibition, which includes both functional and sculptural works in a  diverse range of styles and techniques, will be opened by the wonderful Mulan Gock of Mu Gallery.



Pigs In Mud 1st -24th Feb 2019. Celebrating the Chinese new Year with Pigs and friends

Photo  Pigs by Pauline Ryan.

Craft NSW Celebrates the Year of the Pig, with a Ceramic Exhibition, Pigs In Mud.


Our Window display changes all the time with a new and interesting focus on our members' creativity. 

August : Our Art speaks louder than words    


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