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Exhibitions, Windows and Special Displays

Our Window display changes all the time with a new and interesting focus on our members' creativity. 

Our current window and special display is a celebration light and colour

          Light and colour are two of the main Elements of Design

             LIGHT     that which illuminates – literally and spiritually
                             a flame or spark
                             the degree of saturation of colour              COLOUR    a hue of varying intensity
                                 giving vitality and interest     This display highlights the use of these Elements by six different members of the Society.

They show a variety of ways in which glass, textile, paper and mixed media can be manipulated to create artworks exploring light and colour. Each artists’ work is different, however they all share common qualities –
  • the compulsion to explore the effects of light and colour. 
  • the qualities of graduated colour that changes with the varying light shining on or passing through the artworks.
  • the use of colour in its strongest form, overlapped or diluted.
  • a translucent quality enhanced by their textures and surfaces.  
  • can be shaped into a variety of forms, functional and decorative.
  • are mediums through which the artist can create imagery and explore a range of subjects in the Australian landscape, flora and fauna.  
  • can be embellished with other materials and media to enhance the subject.
  • a passion for creating
                                Our Art speaks louder than words    

 Previous Exhibitions

Pigs In Mud 1st -24th Feb 2019. Celebrating the Chinese new Year with Pigs and friends

Photo  Pigs by Pauline Ryan.

Craft NSW Celebrates the Year of the Pig, with a Ceramic Exhibition, Pigs In Mud.


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