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Irene Manion


Delicate Landing  2021

Size:59cm x 45cm x 1cm

Price : $700

Materials and techniques: Machine and hand embroidery on digitally printed polyester fabric using a range of polyester, rayon and cotton embroidery threads.


The magpie’s flight appears frozen in a moment in space and time and the digitally constructed background is a three-dimensional ‘interior’ space. The ‘floor’ might be a carpet, or it may simultaneously be an aerial view of the interior desert region of Australia.

The unnatural lighting, like that seen in Baroque painting, comes from above, illuminating the beauty of the bird's form as it comes in to land delicately on the fragile surface.

The embroidery in my work illustrates my unique technique of long-stitching by sewing machine. Stitching over the form of the magpie symbolically connotes traditionally feminine practices of sewing, repairing and mending which, though done by machine, is a form of meditative mark making that reflects on the need to heal our ailing world so that these marvellous creatures can continue to live healthy lives and enrich our existence.

 About Irene

I have been practicing as an artist for over thirty years, working primarily in textiles and more recently in watercolours. Exhibiting in numerous group and solo exhibitions, I have been a finalist in exhibitions such as the World of Wearable Art in New Zealand (2006) and more recently with the Seed Stitch Collective at the Australian Design Centre (2020). I was also a finalist in the Australia Textile Art Awards in 2020.  I have also exhibited work in commercial galleries and my work is in many private collections.

I have also taught Visual Arts and been a photography and video production educator.

You can see more photos of Delicate Landing here 

 You can see more of Irene's work  here on her website and on instagram here




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