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Lynn Pavey


Tree Lines, 2021

W 62cm x H 40 cm x D 15cm
Vintage Australian Wool blanket and Australian Alpaca yarn
Craft technique:  Crochet
Inspiration: The rolling, undulation of hills in Central West NSW. I love how particular species of tree form colour layers across the hills as they grow in their preferred micro climate.

Price : $450





Red Rock Siblings, 2021

W 43 cm x H 53 cm x D 15 cm
Vintage Australian wool blanket and Australian Merino yarn.
Craft technique:  Crochet
Inspiration : Craggy rock formation of Central Australia for their evolving shapes, magical colours and tactile surfaces.

About Lynn

From an early age a passion for textiles and craft was instilled in Lynn from her mother and grandmother. Later, careers in fashion, clothing technology and horticulture allowed her to explore colour, texture, form and functionality.

Lynn’s contemporary textiles are inspired by landforms she has encountered in her travels throughout Australia. Her works delve into the connection of intangible history of both the materials and land forms and their past narratives.

She is fervently focused with recycling, reclaiming and revitalising Australian textiles and fibre in her craft.

You can see more of Lynn's work here  or purchase this and other works here


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