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Pam de Groot


Pam has lived in the Blue Mountains since 1991. She began her creative career as a potter but has now moved to the field of fibre art. 

Here  she found a material with qualities that resembled the clay. “In working with wool I have come to marvel at the diversity of this material. It can be soft and flimsy or hard and resilient, made flat or formed into any shape imaginable.”

 Feltmaking is an expanding field and has allowed her to teach in Europe, the United States, and also online.

Using the local environment as a constant source of inspiration, Pam makes natural dye and print another part of her practice, using plants from the natural surrounds to layer colour and shape. 

“My work is informed by the natural world, its shapes and the materials under my hands. I learned long ago that if you respect these things the object will do your bidding. I hope to excite the viewer with the possibilities and mysteries of this ancient craft as we continue to explore the seemingly endless depths of its potential for art.”










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