Welcome to The Society of Arts and Crafts of new south wales


At our new location in Millers point we are excited to be sharing our skills and knowledge with the community. We have tutors from our own Gallery plus travelling and international tutors with skills in so many areas of expertise. Please read through our selection of classes and join us for the learning. 

Boro Bag with Liz Gemmel

Venue 12 Argyle Place Millers Point.
Date 19th - 20th January 2019
Time  10am - 4.30pm
Cost $200

 Boro is a Japanese traditional form of mending garments. Fabric was a precious commodity in Japan and mending and patching  garments was a necessity but now Boro has become a fashion statement plus a recycler’s dream. Boro means tattered, torn, threadbare and simple stitching was used to patch essential garments and the cloths of domestic life.

We will use this method to make a piece of art fabric from our collective patches. The bag is a simple rectangle folded and stitched to turn it into a shoulder bag. The sewing stitches will be the basic running stitch which is used both for sewing the patches together and for decorative embellishment.



Felted flower and phone cover with Vera Alexanderova

Venue 12 Argyle Place Millers Point.

Date  2nd February 2019

Time  10am - 4.30pm

Cost $100 + $14 Materials 

In this workshop we will learn how to wet felt Merino wool and silk to create unique flowers for decoration or to wear. A great workshop for beginners or those who want to learn the basics of wet felting. Everyone will make their own flower (Brooch). In the afternoon we will learn how to use a resist to create a fun case for your phone or iPod.  All equipment will be supplied. Wool and brooch back are included in the materials fee of $14.00


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