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"Big Mamma's Black Bag" handmade by Neelam Singhal

"Big Mamma's Black Bag" handmade by Neelam Singhal from upcycled denim jeans with the front and hip pockets intact. It is lined with voile Shibori fabric and hand finishing around the edges. It has been embellished with woven pattern using cream Shibori with hand embroidery & handles made from cotton print fabric in matching colours. Silk trims in black and cream with burgundy shibori. It also has a black silk sash fabric with hand embroidery running through the jeans loops all around with both ends hanging in front making it a unique and very trendy bag for use. Had a lot of fun making it for you, hope you enjoy it as well.

Size: 40 cm x 27 cm

Care: Use every day this one of a kind bag.

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