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Sue Fraser Ceramics

"Taking history as a starting point I hand build, coiling and modelling with added decorative elements that engage with the story of each work.  I am strongly influenced by the symbolic decorative vocabulary found in the art of China, the social and cultural stories of the T’ang Dynasty, a period of time when a woman ruled over The Middle Kingdom. 

Throughout history in the art of many cultures the horse has been used as an agent for areas of human experience.  I make ‘thin horses’, fat horses, ‘tribute’ horses, carousel themed work, ponies and more…Horses elevate and transport, I find, for many women, association with the horse provides a strong sense of freedom.

Using shape, form and a symbolic decorative language fused by the alchemy of firing processes, my work expresses many of these ideas where fragility and strength are negotiated.  The horse has a strong influence on many women’s lives, continuing to inspire my work in its many guises"   Sue

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