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Brigitte Sieber -

Hand Crocheted Scarf 2021

Material: This scarf is crocheted by hand using a multitude of different yarns including linen, cotton, rayon in black, red & silver to give it a fun appearance & wearable comfort.

Dimensions:  approx. 15 cm wide – 2 metres long 
Care Instructions: warm handwash, squeeze dry in towel, gently pull into shape, place a thick towel over washing line and drape scarf over it to prevent line creases. Steam iron by holding the iron just above the fabric.

Price $98.00

Feather and Fan Shawl in  Fine Silk and Linen 

The shawl is my modern take on a vintage Shetland pattern, known by many names i.e. Feather & Fan, Old Shale and more 

By using a very fine silk yarn and combining it with an equally fine linen yarn the wrap is light and beautifully soft. Perfect for a summers’ evening. 


Warm handwash, pull into shape and dry flat. Pinning down the points while drying will retain the shape.

Gentle steam iron by holding the iron just above the fabric.

 Measurement: 56 cm x 192cm approx..      22 inch x 75inch approx..

 Price:  $320.-      

About Brigitte

With the pandemic in its 2nd second year, there seems to be very little worth celebrating. Knitting, however, gives me a sense of peace and satisfaction as it allows me to create a fabric and let my thoughts escape away from the pandemic and at the same time achieve an original piece of knitting.

As a person interested in fibre arts for several years, I have spun my own combinations of yarns and fibres, hand dyed my spun yarns and various wools and silks.  I have played with various colour techniques such as colour stranding and woven standing (Fair Isle) and intarsia. Now I find myself involved and intrigued by ‘old’ and vintage patterns which normally specify using wool. The scope available by using these vintage stitches seems to be never ending.

I have experimented using silks and linens to break out of the vintage mould.   The vintage stitch patterns are classic and can shrug off their stigma of ‘old’  by using a completely fresh approach. I combine and juxtapose the stitch pattern repeats to create a new look for garments and shawls. 

Then as a challenge I took on making the knitted version of a mathematical concept - the Moebius. It is actually knitting a seamless 3D object in the round as one piece and is very versatile as a neckpiece, decorative in silk and warm in wool.

My preference is always to search out quality fibres such as natural wools, silks, linen and cotton but I dabble with the contemporary synthetics to see what new qualities they can bring to my work.

You can purchase this piece and  see more of Brigitte's work here



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