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Heidi Francis

About Heidi's work:      

My pieces are hand thrown on the Wheel and each piece can be enjoyed as an enhancement anywhere but can also be used in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers.
My glazes are made by mixing raw materials together, for the brushed-on decorations I use oxides and commercial under glazes. 

I enjoy bright colours on my pieces, applied with various brushes and slip trailers to get different effects.   . Some lines when heavily applied are reduced by scraping through them with a metal tool or slip trailer to change the effect which gives the piece more depth.  Lines to me give the thrown or hand- built Vessel what notes give to a piece of music, and of course no design is the same.

Material:              Porcelain Clay

Technique:         Thrown, underglazes, bisque firing to 1000 C

                                2nd firing Glaze to 1200 C

Size of Piece:      Height 13 cm   Diameter 10 cm

 The above piece is for exhibition only.




Size:12 cm in diameter       Height is 7 1/2 cm

Weight : 400 g

Price:  $69


About Heidi

I cherish the relaxing time in my studio when decorating my pots, with a cup of coffee, a glass of wine is always welcome too, and of course music is a must as well.                           

  You can  purchase this piece and see more of Heidi work here    






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