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Jane Hinde

Hand Painted Silk Wallhanging

 This painting is inspired by my photos of Snow Gums at Thredbo. When wet, the colours of the bark intensify and create amazing patterns and colour gradations. The design has been drawn onto the silk using a solvent-based silver gutta, then the colour is painted on with acid-based silk dyes. Once steam-fixed, the fabric is fast to light and washing, and if hung on a window the colours will glow like stained-glass.

Size :- Approx. 112 x 91 cm 

Price: $600 SOLD

About Jane's work

It was the colours and "stained glass' effect of the painted silk that first appealed to me. After 40 years of working with paints and dyes it is still fascinating and surprising. Each painting is different.


The techniques used are a combination of Batik (wax resist and dip dyeing) and watercolour painting. The linear quality of my work is achieved through the use of various coloured guttas - or resists - that are drawn onto the silk as outlines to form and patterns.

Dyes merge and spread uninhibited on the smooth surface or are contained within the drawn on gutta outlines that penetrate the silk and act as a barrier.
The dyes used react with the protein in the silk, and after steaming for several hours, the colours are enhanced and fast to light and washing. The wearables have the gutta removed.

For me it is the perfect medium to combine my drawing and painting skills with the lustre and versatility of silk to create a range of wearables and decorative pieces.  My range includes wall hangings, paintings stretched over canvas, square and long scarves and shawls, and collaged cards featuring images of my work. 

 About Jane  - Silk Painter

During my 30 years teaching Visual Arts in High School I worked in, and taught, a variety of different media such as drawing, painting, design, ceramics, print-making and photography.
I began working with dyes on fabric in 1976 doing traditional Batik, then soon discovered Silk painting dyes and watercolour techniques to capture the vibrant colours

Painting with silk dyes on silk allows for intense separation of clearly defined areas of colour using resists, and subtle blending using watercolour techniques 
My inspiration comes from the Australian landscape, flora, fauna and the brilliant colours seen underwater on our coral reefs through both realistic representations and selective pattern making. 

Banyan Tree  Large silk shawl - Banyan Tree Patterns. 



This design is inspired by my photos of Banyan Trees on Lord Howe Island. These huge trees can spread over huge areas and drop roots down like large limbs walking across the landscape. 
Size: approx. 112 x 112 cm
Care: Hand wash in warm water and iron whilst damp. 

 You can see more of Jane's work here


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