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Jo Ann Hopkins -

Wooden Marquetry Box "We'll Meet Again"

Description: Wooden Marquetry box "We'll meet again" hand made by Jo Ann Hopkins. If you imagine the lines going on for about three metres, they would all meet.  I liked that thought better than just parallel lines.  It’s a smallish box in silky oak to be used for jewellery, trinkets or what-nots.

Dimension:   156 x 140 x 63 mm

Care:  Clean with a good quality furniture polish and buff with a soft cloth.  Keep out of direct sunlight.

Price:  $275.00


Marquetry "Tiger Box"


Size:  210 x 115 x 90 mm

Price:  $300-- Sold


Marquetry is the art of applying pieces of veneer to a surface to form pictures or designs.  In this “Tiger” box I used two contrasting pieces of veneer - spotted gum and pressure-dyed black veneer - to cut this tiger pattern using a scroll saw.  One leaf of veneer (each less than one millimetre thick) sits on top of the other so when they are cut one is the counterpart of the other. 

This is probably the simplest form of marquetry.  Most are more intricate but I love how this one presents.

The body of the box and the tray are constructed of Australian cedar


About Jo Ann

After finishing my course in cabinetmaking, I took a masterclass in marquetry and realised that I could use my botanical art as studies for my marquetry and my woodworking to make the boxes.  For me, it is a lovely combination of the two and nature provides a never-ending supply of subjects.

Jo Ann specializes in beautiful leaf designs like these two below


You can see more of Jo Ann's work here


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