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Joy Dodd

Handwoven Jacket 2021

Handwoven in navy & turquoise 60% alpaca, 20% merino wool & 20% nylon yarn you will feel cosy warm in this "cocoon" shaped jacket by Joy Dodd. Light in weight due to the open weave pattern. 

Size: S - L - loose fitting.

Care: Gentle handwash in warm/cool water. Steam iron on wool setting. 

Price: $185.00


Fine Wool Sleeveless Jacket, 2021

Size : Fit medium to large. Length: 85cm, width across back to underarms – 55cm.

Price: $235

Materials and Techniques:

Handwoven in fine Australian wool of various colours - black, light grey, light olive, and very pale apricot. The fabric is handwoven in plain weave as the colour changes are the main visual feature of the piece and it drapes comfortably. With minimal cutting of the fabric to an original design I have then sewn the garment with bound seams. It has lightly elasticated hem under the arms and hangs loosely with a wide scarf-like collar & front panels and a loosely fitted back.
My inspiration for my handweaving often comes from the yarn itself which I source from various local and overseas suppliers. I am always attracted by a particular yarn’s feel and colour. The colours and soft drape of this jacket remind of the Australian native bushes in the local small pocket-parks near my city home where I have been walking daily during Covid-19 lockdowns.


About Joy
Passionately interested in textiles I have been sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering from an early age and since retiring from a salaried job, I have enjoyed loom-weaving more avidly! As many practitioners will attest, handweaving is an addictive craft with the meditative throwing of the shuttle and pedalling on the treadles as well as the stimulating challenges for the brain in the design and setting up processes. I like to make items which are functional – mainly wearables so that the person can appreciate the texture and comfort against their skin and the colour and appearance of the piece in its everyday use.
You can purchase this piece and  see more of Joy's work here




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