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Joy Dodd

Description:  Hand woven wool scarf  in autumn & cream colours in a leaf pattern to celebrate regeneration of our wonderful Australian environment. Pattern results in light and dark areas 

Size: 170cm X 20cm

Care: Handwash in cool/warm water.

Price:  $135.00





"Tiger" scarf hand woven by Joy Dodd in tussah silk.

 Made in February 2022.

Size: 176cm X 24cm

Care: Handwash only in warm water with a little white vinegar in the rinse to maintain it's shine. Iron on silk setting.

Price: $145  Sold

Materials and Techniques:

Handwoven in 2ply tussah silk with dark brown in the warp & orange weft.  Tussah silk is made from tussah silkworms whose moths eat oak leaves rather than mulberry leaves. The yarn produced is a little fat & fluffy- more like wool yarn – although still fine & shiny. It has a beautiful soft drape & shine & adds glamour & sufficient warmth on a cool summer evening.

Inspiration/ Description of the Artwork:

My inspiration for this scarf is of course the Lunar New Year of the Tiger & as I love all animals especially those that are endangered- I hope my scarf will help people think about how to ensure the survival of such beautiful creatures.


About Joy
Passionately interested in textiles I have been sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering from an early age and since retiring from a salaried job, I have enjoyed loom-weaving more avidly! As many practitioners will attest, handweaving is an addictive craft with the meditative throwing of the shuttle and pedalling on the treadles as well as the stimulating challenges for the brain in the design and setting up processes. I like to make items which are functional – mainly wearables so that the person can appreciate the texture and comfort against their skin and the colour and appearance of the piece in its everyday use.
You can purchase this piece and  see more of Joy's work here




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