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Marlies Benjamin -


Blue Jewel

Decoupage, derived from the French word decouper. It means 'to cut" It is a decorative art originating in 17th Century Italy.  Cut out images were pasted on a prepared surface and then covered, layer upon layer, by clear lacquer for a glassy finish.  The final appearance could then be mistaken for a painting. 

I am inspired by Art Nouveau and memories of European and Japanese museums. Using Italian and Japanese speciality gift wrapping papers, precision cut images are glued to uniquely painted surfaces:  wood, ceramic, shell, glass and egg (emu & goose). Multiple layers of clear varnish are then applied over several months.


About Marlies

After many years of cross-stitching - wall hangings, tablecloths and cushion covers followed by hand quilting, I discovered decoupage some 27 years ago.
I continue to enjoy the  process of creating beautiful pieces:  inspiration, research, pattern cutting and painting in my home studio invariably listening to background music, mainly tango.
My morning walks, accompanying my Whippets, observing nature in Centennial Park is my motivator.


Highlights of my hobby were winning many firsts and seconds and two years of Decoupage judging at the Royal Easter Show.
I hope you will be as delighted owning one of my pieces as I was designing and creating it.   

Although the Blue Jewel vessel above is a special family heirloom piece she has several special pieces available.

You can see more of Marlies's work here


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