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Neelam Singhal

Natural fabrics, texture and colour along with their magical chemistry with dyes, encourages and inspires me to create and design passionately.
Starting with a bleached, unbleached or dark coloured natural fabric as my canvas, my thinking cap is switched on and I begin to fold, stitch or bind as per the sketchy idea in my mind or on paper. This may take a couple of hours or days to complete, then I dye it. I have begun experimenting with Hapazome (the Japanese method of printing with leaves), including it with shibori. Geometric shapes and nature guide me in my motif making for my creations. The dyed product acts as my guide to the next step which could be embellishing with embroidery, painting, printing or just finishing. Jackets, tunics, scarves/wraps, capes, textile jewellery and homewares are the items I enjoy making.
Every design shows me some new colour combinations with pleasant surprises. There is lots more I want to learn, improve and I hope I can.


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