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Neelam Singhal -

Movement                 September 2021

Materials & Technique- Raw silk, silk noil, acid dyes, navy embroidery yarn, Ori-Nui Shibori in Tatewaku(Undulating Lines) pattern, Silk noil lining Shibori in Tazuna

Size- L 101 cm x W116 cm Length includes 7.5 cm collar CBack
Price- $ 575

The ‘Undulating Lines’ pattern was my inspiration for designing the silk fabric for this lined, silk, navy jacket. I set myself this challenge as it is my first attempt at stitching this pattern of ‘moving’ lines converging at alternate points. Seemed a bit confusing to start with, got better once I drew them on the fabric. These lines show movement and flexibility, to be able to mould oneself or one’s thoughts into the need of the time with positivity.

Shibori Hand-dyed Silk Wrap

Khadi Silk (silk made by hand spun yarn) wrap Shibori hand dyed by Neelam Singhal autumn gold & navy. I began designing the fabric with Hapazome method which is a Japanese term for printing with plants directly onto fabric with a mallet. I used herbs growing in my garden. Then I used the Itajime Shibori method and dyed it in navy. 

This classic silk wrap will add originality, style to your wardrobe all year round. 

Size: 190 cm x 61 cm

Care: Gentle/ hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.

 Warm iron over a damp muslin cloth.

Always dry Shibori garments in indirect sunlight.

Price: $195


About Neelam

Every day I am inspired by nature and geometric shapes around us. The mysterious magical chemistry between natural fabrics, textures and dyes encourages me to keep on designing, dyeing and making pieces in slow fashion. Each one is begun as a plain light/dark coloured fabric to play with. Shibori method has unlimited patterns resulting in so many surprises in colour combinations after dyeing, even with a single dye! I use simple embroidery stitches, block printing or hand painting if the design guides me in that direction.

You can see more photos of this jacket and other work by Neelam here


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