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Neelam Singhal -


'Evolving Tiger'

Dec 2021-- Feb 2022
Size---One Size Dimensions
           Width Edge to Edge--162 cm
           Armhole length-- 30 cm
           Across Back-- 40 cm

Materials used to make this cape are 
              Fabric--Wool/Cotton, Acid dye and Cotton dye, Embroidery yarns and the techniques used for this design are Nui and Maki- Age Shibori.

Price-- $355

Design and Inspiration:

My inspiration was to try to choose a Shibori method using a bold geometrical shape. So, I drew a sketch of a cape with the triangles on the designated spots for an idea, how it may look. Then, I drew the triangles on the chosen wool/ cotton fabric using a tailor's chalk with a measuring tape. Followed by doing Nui Shibori over each drawn line. Next, gathered the stitching, tied it, and did the maki- age method.Then, I dyed with black acid and cotton dyes, one at a time due to the fabric composition. Orange, two green shades and black coloured embroidery yarns were used to do the simple embroidery.
The current situation we all are in globally, is very similar to an 'evolving tiger' from a ring of fire. Though ferocious in nature, it is fearful of being confined in a ring of fire in the thick jungle's dark shadows. But, it does emerge stronger and evolved. Similarly, we all will emerge stronger, I hope.




Rust Stripes Shawl

Dec 2021
Size: 106 cm x 215 cm
Materials: Dark Silk Chiffon, Discharging agent, acid dyes, thread and needle.

Techniques used are Shibori Maki age and Mokume.

Price: $ 255

My inspiration for this silk chiffon shawl was to design with paisley in rust colour. I began the design by folding the whole piece lengthwise in half, drew the paisley and stripes with a tailor's chalk. Then,gathered the stitching and did discharge dyeing using brick and black acid dye. Finally, hemmed both edges. Hope you will enjoy wearing this original, beautiful, soft, flowing shawl handmade for you.


About Neelam

Every day I am inspired by nature and geometric shapes around us. The mysterious magical chemistry between natural fabrics, textures and dyes encourages me to keep on designing, dyeing and making pieces in slow fashion. Each one is begun as a plain light/dark coloured fabric to play with. Shibori method has unlimited patterns resulting in so many surprises in colour combinations after dyeing, even with a single dye! I use simple embroidery stitches, block printing or hand painting if the design guides me in that direction.

You can see more photos of this cape and other work by Neelam here


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