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Pat Hayward -



Size: 180 X 160 cm

My domestic range includes cooking , serving and decorative table ware . Although one off sculptural pieces take up a lot of my creative life , the beauty of strong items that bring joy to the user is very important to me 
Designing functional ware is a great challenge . The pieces must be fit for purpose aesthetically pleasing and tactile .Consideration of form and function are essential 


Nest of cooking bowls    

Size: largest vessel 210 x 50cm

Porcelaneous stoneware , ovenproof and microwave safe , This nest of thrown vessels are slip decorated and are for daily use . The softness of the colour palette evokes gentleness , which is an  important element in our lives since the pandemic began ,

To use a hand made object is one of the joys in life .These are designed to store easily in any kitchen and are robust enough to use often .

About Pat

 I became a member of the Society of Arts and Crafts N.S. W. in 1998 after completing a four year course in ceramics at Brookvale Tech . My domestic range is a porcelaneous stoneware that can be thrown very thinly yet be extremely  durable . However my main love is sculptural work . These are often stimulated from my time living in Kenya and Papua New Guinea and extensive travel around the world .
Since the pandemic reached us, my garden has been inspirational . I am lucky to look over many acres of escarpment with wilderness everywhere . 
To create something that someone else loves enough to buy is the greatest complement that I can think of . 
 Although not for sale online at the moment when restrictions are lifted they may be delivered to the Sydney area by arrangement   
To contact Pat, email  gallery@artsandcraftsnsw.com.au


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