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Sangmi Lee

Korean Embroidered necklace "Summer Night "

Linen Necklace with Silk string. Hand made, hand stitched and Hand embroidered.

Size: Length of string 80cm; Object 21×10cm

Price: $120


Jogakbo is the craft of Korean path work. All work is hand stitched and hand embroidered with tiny needle.

Silk Scarf- Made from Korean silk, hand stitched and hand embroidered

Size: 113 x 9.5cm 

Price - $180 SOLD

Linen Necklace with Silk String

Made from Korean Linen we call Wrapping cloth, hand stitched and hand embroidered. 

Price: $120 SOLD




 I use traditional fabrics, linens and silks. The entire work is hand stitched using silk and cotton  threads. The stitches I use for joining sections of patchwork with a flat felled seam is called Ssamsol. Other stitches for embroidery include running stitches and pinch stitch which gives a raised tuck for texture and outlines.

All the work can be delicately washed using a very mild detergent, air dried and ironed with a moderate iron. Dry cleaning is an alternative method of care.

Sangmi's work can be seen here


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