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Vicki Lowery

Wool scarf in tiger stripes

This is the year of the tiger, an animal that represents strength, power and prosperity. As a weaver I find celebrating Lunar New Year with its token animal is always a challenge. I found the design for this scarf and was attracted by the slightly irregular stripes so much like the stripes on a tiger. My dyeing took a while to get what I hoped was the right orange for the warp. I worried that it was too light in colour, as seen in the fringes, but once I started to weave I realise that the black weft against the orange warp resulted in just the right colour. 

Size : 19 cm x 154 cm

Material : 100% 2ply Bendigo wool  wool yarn

Colour : black and orange

 Price: $160 

Care: Handwash as for wool


 About Vicki

I came to weaving a little later than do many other craftspeople. Until then I was involved with teaching, supporting teachers and students in their use of the new communications technologies. Once I had more free time I discovered the wonderful world of spinning and weaving. I have spent the majority of my time weaving ever since. What attracted me first was the wonderful world of colour, then texture then the beauty of natural fibres, mainly silk, alpaca and cashmere. I dye my own yarns and I am constantly surprised at what can be achieved with varying colours and hues.   Luxury fibres and colour are central to my work.


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