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Yaja Hadrys -


100% Cashmere Large Shawl

Size: 105x155 cm

Price: $385 SOLD

My textiles are made from finest natural fabrics, with focus on artistic surface design. They are hand dyeand contact printed with local plants. 

The process is completely natural, a true alchemy, so the final colours and prints can't be predicted or repeatedand each piece is one-of-a-kind work of art. 

Luxurious Cashmere and tannin and colour rich eucalyptus are the best combination for a guaranteed success! 

The main challenge in creating this particular piece was choosing a specific folding technique which would allow to show individual leaves separately, creating an interesting pattern at the same time. Each small square tells a story – it’s a memory imprint of the time and place when the leaves' and my paths crossed our chance encounter.

100% Silk Shawl

Size: 150x200 cm 

Price:  $260

Hand dyed by Yaja Hadrys this luxuriously soft 100% silk shawl was contact printed with eucalyptus leaves and bark which I collected around my place in Sydney. Plants were wrapped in the cloth and then steamed for 3 hours. This process is completely natural. Each original design is impossible to reproduce because the results are always unexpected and it is a one-of-a-kind work of art

About Yaja


Nature is my inspiration - the beauty of the Polish forest, the stark but subtle mysteries of the Australian bush land, and the vast, powerful energy of the ocean.

I love direct collaboration with nature in my textile work. Firstly, I forage for flowers and leaves which are artistically arranged on material, before being wrapped in bundles and steamed. Nature then imparts its beauty on the fabric.

This  organic process is a true alchemy so the final colours and prints are never predictable, nor able to be repeated. Put simply, my designs are nature's work of art.

 You can see more of Yaja's work here


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