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Yaja Hadrys -

Hand Dyed Silk Satin Dress 

This luxurious asymmetrical silk satin dress is an excellent choice for your collection of ‘favourites’!  It can be dressed up or down. In summer it feels amazing against the skin, while in cooler days it looks stylish with a woollen top, cashmere wrap and boots. The dress was hand dyed with plant dyes and imprinted with  leaves which I collected around my place in Sydney - grey & rusty colours from eucalyptus; palm; umbrella tree; & avocado. Leaves were wrapped in the cloth and then steamed for about 2 hours. The end result is pure alchemy - my magic collaboration with Mother Nature. Each design is unique and impossible to reproduce because the results are always unexpected and this is the most exciting part of this creative process. Hand rolled hem. 

Materials: 100% Silk and plants as natural dyes 

Size: Fits most Length: 105cm, Width: 70cm, 

Care: Hand wash in warm water with gentle soap. 
It can be ironed if you wish but that's not necessary. 
Please note: Accessories not included. 

 Price $500



About Yaja




Nature is my inspiration - the beauty of the Polish forest, the stark but subtle mysteries of the Australian bush land, and the vast, powerful energy of the ocean.

I'm a keen observer of how nature changes in a single day, or over a year, and how natural light transforms nature's colours and moods to create magic. I try to capture these spellbinding moments in my photography.

I love direct collaboration with nature in my textile work. Firstly, I forage for flowers and leaves which are artistically arranged on material, before being wrapped in bundles and steamed. Nature then imparts its beauty on the fabric.

  Just as a photograph is a tangible memory of a moment in time, so are my unique textiles — each is a permanent imprint of a particular species and where it comes from. My creations harmonise with nature while reflecting its beauty.
Individually crafted garments and accessories are made from the finest, natural fabric, with the focus on the surface design. All fabrics are hand dyed and contact printed with local plant life, some seasonal.
This  organic process is a true alchemy so the final colours and prints are never predictable, nor able to be repeated. Put simply, my designs are nature's work of art.


 You can purchase this piece and see more of Yaja's work here


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