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'Slow & Steady' Recycled Jeans Bag handmade by Neelam Singhal

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 'Slow & Steady' Recycled Jeans Bag handmade by Neelam Singhal. My strong thinking on sustainability, marine plastic pollution forced me to attempt to create this design on this reinvented jeans denim bag. 'Slow & Steady' turtle and the crab sides, each have two patches showing a distressed state with pollution and in a happy state with no pollution. Each animal has pieces of nylon mesh and plastic bottle cap pieces representing pollution with the marine creature getting stuck in it along with deteriorating marine plants and corals. I have used silk Shibori and indigo dyed, hand embroidered patches to applique on the denim fabric. On each side of the bag is a useful, convenient pocket from the old pair of jeans. It's waistband has been used as the bag's handle to hold and carry for many years to come. First, I drew both of the views of each animal on the white silk piece. Using Nui Shibori method hand stitched over each drawn line, pulled the threads and bound them to form the resist for dyeing. I then dyed it in an indigo vat for a number of dips over a number of days to achieve the depth of colour. Then, I hand embroidered using appropriate colours of cotton embroidery yarns showing the marine picture. I really had a fun time creating this handmade, unique, one of a kind bag for you. Enjoy! 

Size:  33 cm x 31.5 cm Bag base width 6.5 cm

Wash care:  Enjoy using your bag with care and love. If the handle needs washing, just undo it from the bag and into your washing machine , easy. After drying, tie it back through the loops on each side, ready for use.


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