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Helen Wilder -

Jacaranda Cotton Scarf 2021

Material and Inspiration: Jacaranda cotton scarf handwoven by Helen Wilder. The colours are inspired by Sydney's Jacaranda trees, vibrant purple and lilac combined in a plaited twill pattern. Lovely for cool evenings.

Size:19 cm wide and 170 cm long

Care: Gentle hand wash and steam iron.

Price: $130

 Handwoven Fine Silk Scarf 2021

Dimensions  18cm wide and 164 long

It is made from fine silk and there are 408 threads in the 18cm width. The weft was made up by two different colours blue and green and are as fine as sewing thread. It is an eight shaft weave.

About Helen 

"I started learning weaving many years ago at a craft cottage doing tapestry weaving between two sticks .After  that I decided to learn more about the craft and enrolled in the Strathfield School of Textiles where I learned loom weaving, spinning dying etc. I was there for a few years and did many more courses there as I was so enthusiastic about weaving. I did many workshops in Mittagong and Geelong over the years and enjoyed every minute of it.

My grandfather had a weaving factory in Amsterdam before I was born and I must have inherited his love for the craft.

I love dying silk and other fibres and each scarf turns out differently. The possibilities are endless."

Your can see other photos of this piece and more of Helen's work here



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