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Ksenija Benko

Neck Ring in Sterling Silver

Married Metals

Materials: Neckpiece "Married Metals" hand made by Ksenija Benko.  - Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, German Silver. Handmade chain.

Size: 80mm at  its widest, 60mm at its highest; chain 60cm long

Price: $695


About Ksenija.

This piece is a challenge and needs fine jewellery making experience! Ksenjia has been making beautiful pieces for almost half a century!

Ksenija Benko has been a long-standing member of the Society of Arts and Crafts (Craftnsw). She joined the Society in the 80s and was a President of the Society from 1985 through to 1987. Now 97 years old, my interview with Ksenija was a wonderful opportunity to meet with such a sharp, intelligent, colourful person whose anecdotes and memories of the society were a pleasure to record.'  Irene Manion

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 See more of Ksenija's work online here


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