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Gillian Dodds

Stoneware Vase with Cobalt



Hand thrown, stoneware ceramic, white glaze with cobalt vase 

Dimensions:  20cm(L) by 15cm (W)        Weight  700g

Colour: white with cobalt blue      Materials: stoneware

Care Instructions: wash in soapy water

Price: $ 130.00 




Stoneware Vase with Cobalt

Hand thrown, stoneware ceramic iron glazed with splashes of cobalt  vase

Dimensions:  18cm(L) by 14cm (W)      Weight  700g

Colour: brown with cobalt blue    Materials: Stoneware

Care Instructions: wash in soapy water

Price: $ 130.00 


About Gillian

I studied at East Sydney Tech and have many years as a full time potter.

I gave thrown demonstrations for NSW Craft Council.

My kiln is gas fired to stoneware temperature and the clay comes from the Mudgee area.

 Making domestic ware and plaques with a thrown element, my work is based on earth colours and at times features Australian Wildlife.

You can see more of Gillian's work here 


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