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Helen Wilder

“Helen migrated from the Netherlands, a country known for its rich heritage of weaving and tapestries.  

 I had a grandfather who used to have a weaving factory in the middle of Amsterdam, and it would have been nice if he had known that his skills were passed on to another generation.
I started learning to weave in a local college when my children were very young and became interested in how fabric was made.
After learning loom weaving I fell in love with fabric and yarn. Attending workshops also gives you inspiration and being with like minded people is a joy. 
There are endless possibilities with colour and design. I love to dye my own yarn and then design a pattern for a scarf. Either in silk or in wool. Many hours go into a designing and into dyeing.
When all that is done the loom is set up and the weaving starts. This could take up to two weeks depending on the thickness of the fibre.
I love the sheen of the silk and the end result can be very rewarding. 
Why do I weave? Simply because I love it and I like to make beautiful fabric. Once you have finished a project you wonder if you could do something similar but in different colours or different yarns. The possibilities are endless.”


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