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Liz Calnan

 Interrupted Times 2021

Materials and technique: Hand-dyed and commercially dyed silk, woven in Turned taquete or Jin technique.

Size:  49cm wide x 166 cm long including twisted fringe… a wide scarf.

Price: $245 SOLD

This design of this piece represents our interrupted times, ever changing, with some days better than others.  Contrasting with this is the strength of all that has meaning - being together and supporting friends. The events change but continue, represented by the continuously changing colours of the hand dyed stripes.


  About Liz

As part of the weaving process, threading the loom takes an amazing amount of time, and the more shafts you are working on, in this case 32 shafts, the greater the likelihood of making a mistake. Once the threading is on, I like experimenting with as many weave structures that I can weave on the one threading.  So, on this threading I have woven double weave, echo weave, turned taquete, shadow weave, corkscrew weave and various twill combinations.  I tie on to the previous threads whenever possible, and redent as necessary, so that I can enjoy the design and weaving process. I would love to weave all day every day but enjoy teaching others to weave as well.

I have one loom almost permanently threaded with a straight threading of 1-24 repeated across and then a border threading on shafts 25 to 32... here is a scarf from that threading.

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