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Jane Hinde Silk Painting


It was the colours and "stained glass' effect of the painted silk that first appealed to me. After 40 years of working with paints and dyes it is still fascinating and surprising. Each painting is different.
The techniques used are a combination of Batik (wax resist and dip dyeing) and watercolour painting. Dyes merge and spread uninhibited on the smooth surface or are contained within the drawn on gutta outlines that penetrate the silk and act as a barrier.
For me it is the perfect medium to combine my drawing and painting skills with the lustre and versatility of silk.
The dyes used react with the protein in the silk, and after steaming for several hours, the colours are enhanced and fast to light and washing. 
My inspiration comes from the Australian landscape, flora, fauna and the brilliant colours seen underwater on our coral reefs.




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