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Liz Gemmell

For Liz, her mother and grandmother left her with a love of fabrics and designing her own clothes and accessories. They were dressmakers through necessity and they were creative because there was seldom enough fabric to complete the garment. Imaginative patchwork had to fill the shortfall. She grew up seeing wonderful combinations of fabrics put together to make an original garment. Boro, the Japanese and Korean craft of mending fabrics, has captivated her at present as it is another form for an old necessity, making exciting fabric out of scraps.
Her formal training in Fine Arts has been a mainstay in guiding her designs in shape and colour.
She now designs hand knitted items from cardigans to carpets, felted garments, shibori and garment construction.
Liz is one of our fabulous tutors at Craft NSW.






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