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Liz Gemmell -

Blue Storm Denim Jacket 2021

Price: $750 SOLD

Bust/chest 100 -120cm

Back neck to hem 97cm

Cuff to cuff 148cm


Shibori dyed with permanent dye (fibre reactive)

 All cotton. Wash with mild detergent and warm water. Place on coat hanger to air dry. Warm iron if necessary.

 Arashi shibori technique was used for the body of the jacket and maki-age technique used for the sleeves. Arashi means storm which inspired the title for this work. Denim has a dark side and a light side due to the twill weave and the dye penetrates to both sides of the fabric. This coat may be worn with either side facing. There are pockets on both sides of the fabric. It may also be worn upside down to create a shorter jacket and a new look. Pockets are still ideally placed for this version and so creating four versions from the one garment. Shibori circles appliqué by hand and suitable for any version of wearing.




 Liz's work shows her adventurous spirit....

Chaos  Sterling Silver and felt Neckpiece

Size: Circumference 80cm approx

Price: $210

DescriptionThe sterling silver wire chain was crocheted by hand and creates its own form as the crocheted wire wants to twist and spiral making it impossible to hang in an orderly fashion. To control the multi layers of chain, a silk covering ha been hand stitched at the back neck to contain the wires. Hand made white felt discs were then hand stitched onto various parts of the chain. Each time it is worn, the neckpiece can take on different twists and turns.


About Liz


I have always been interested in making my own clothing and recycling commercially made garments. My mother and grandmother were great exponents of recycling garments and designing their own clothing as well as mine. They showed me nothing was impossible if you could visualise what you wanted There were no limits. I studied fine art in Newcastle TAFE. Later on I wrote several knitting books on intarsia and colour stranding techniques. All this lead to teaching fabric surface design at Sydney UTS for several years. UTS was a marvellous experience in sharing knowledge and inspiration as I taught students techniques in manipulating, painting, knitting and felting fabric and in return I learnt from the students to take risks with techniques and designs.


You can see more of Liz's work here




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