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Pauline Ryan

Whimsical pieces!

Thrown and altered with glaze underglazed and raw body showing then Stoneware reduction fired in a gas kiln.
And below :Thrown with features and texture added and then Stoneware reduction fired in a gas kiln.

Wheel thrown and assembled, it has then been lustre glazed and Raku fired rapidly to 960 degrees Celsius. It is removed from the kiln at top temp and plunged into combustible material to produce the lustre effect.

About Pauline

I studied Ceramics at Hornsby Tafe in the  1980s and immediately fell in love with clay,  and I've been making exhibiting and teaching ever since.
All my pieces start with wheel thrown forms that I can then manipulate into the animal and figurative pieces I love to make.
The inspiration for my works comes from my love of animals,  children's book illustrations and my 30 years of teaching children pottery.
Pauline doesn't sell online,  but more of her pieces can be seen here


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